My Process

Potential clients often ask many questions, some of the more common ones relate to how I go about building a website, what are their responsibilites and what control do they have over the process. I enjoy building websites and try to make the experience enjoyable and stress free for my clients too. To that end I have added this page to help explain the process.

  • Lets Chat

    Firstly we will discuss the requirements and goals for your website and get to know one another a little better. Hopefully I will be building your website, so I need to know you and your business. Communication is key within the whole process so building a open relationship from the get-go is a good starting point.

  • Estimation of Cost

    Once I know your requirements and goals I can calculate the projected cost. Once this has been accepted we can move on.

  • Contract

    I will write out a contract detailing all deliverables and requirements for both parties. Once this is agreed and signed I will request an initial 50% payment before work commences.

  • Research

    The depth of this stage will vary depending on your websites requirements. In general it involves me getting to know you and your business fully so I can build a suitable website that represents you with accuracy. I will also look into your competition to identify how your site can stand out and increase conversion rates.

  • Initial Design

    I will construct several wireframes detailing where elements are placed within the structure of the pages both for mobile and desktop layouts. We will then discuss these designs and talk about a colour theme, font choices and interactive elements.

  • Visual Design

    Having agreed upon the wireframe designs and selected potential colours and fonts I will create designs for several pages in a suitable image format for us to review. At this point I will make any changes deemed necessary and review again before moving onto the next stage.

  • Development

    With a design in place I will now begin building the site. Whilst I am doing this my progress will be made available online and updated regularly for you to review.

  • Testing

    With the website built and approved by yourself I will now deploy the site online and test it thoroughly on all major devices and browsers.

  • Go Live

    I will help you get your new website up and running, whether hosted with myself or not.

  • Future Tasks

    Hopefully you will consider working with me again and keep in touch. Although your website has been built using the latest technologies this industry moves fast and I would be more than happy to help you and your business evolve and keep up.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.

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